29.09. - 01.10. 2017


SFB 1199

Nikolaistraße 6-10, Leipzig, Deutschland
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Dr. Steffi Marung (SFB 1199)



The second annual conference of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: “Processes of Globalization under the Global Condition” focuses on the role of actors and their activities in making and changing spaces of action under the global condition in both the past and the present. The conference is part of a larger endeavour of the SFB 1199 at the University of Leipzig to develop a typology of those spatial formats that have emerged under the global condition as well as a historical narrative about the development of spatial orders. The conference addresses practices and processes through which – relatively durable – spatial arrangements are created, maintained, and subverted. By studying global space-making, we move beyond abstract notions of flow and exchange to examine the spatial arrangements that direct and organize flows, determine their speed and scale, and produce interruptions or continuations. Through this lens, “globalization” becomes visible in the plural as a multiplicity of projects of space- and place-making.

The conference brings together international scholars from different disciplines such as geography, anthropology, history, and the social sciences as well as specialists on different world regions interested in transregional entanglements. Addressing both German and international academia, it represents one of the key arenas in which the research programme of the SFB can be discussed with a wider and interdisciplinary academic community.

Source: SFB 1199, Link (2 August 2017)