23.10. - 25.10. 2019


Aleksander-Brückner-Zentrum für Polenstudien

Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 26-27 | 06108 Halle (Saale)



The year 1989 and its consequences are the subject of heated debates in Poland. Nineteen eighty-nine evokes various linguistic and emotional associations, and also functions symbolically, as a social and political code. The international conference “Poland 1989: Negotiations, (Re)Constructions, Interpretations” takes the 30th anniversary as an occasion to address this phenomenon. It will examine historical debates, representations in memory politics and culture, and past research. The focus of the conference is thus on the discursive analysis of the Polish transformation, which requires interdisciplinary approaches.

Im Rahmen der Tagung wird am 23. Oktober Professor Leszek Balcerowicz zum Thema „Changes after Socialism in a Comparative Perspective“ sprechen.

Organisator ist das Aleksander-Brückner-Zentrum für Polenstudien (Halle) in Kooperation mit dem European Center of Solidarność (Europejskie Centrum Solidarności) in Danzig/Gdańsk.

Quelle und weitere Informationen: Newsletter des Aleksander-Brückner-Zentrum, S. 3, (2 September 2019)