17.01. - 18.01. 2019


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Rosensäle | Fürstengraben 27 | 07743 Jena
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    Ilka Scheibe



    The aim of the workshop is to get a better understanding of current global inequalities and to discuss how north-south relations could be described properly by both looking at the metabolic dimension – waste, energy, resources and sinks – as well as at global labor and production – commodities, finance, care and services.
    The workshop starts with two keynotes, which critically engage with and reevaluate theories rooted in classical dependency theory, stating a flow of resources and wealth from the so called “Global South” to the “Global North” and therefore an enrichment of the latter at the expense of the former. Empirical analyses of different fields will follow, depicting current forms of dependencies and inequalities within the global economy, illuminating the international division of labor, capital flows and flows of goods & services. Furthermore, we will discuss the metabolic dimension of the global economy and look at the relations of flows of resources, energy and waste as well as the use of ecological sinks . Finally, we will focus on the political consequences of the current global dependencies and how to overcome them.
    The workshop is organized by the Research Group “Post -Growth Societies” at the University of Jena, Germany and the Institute of Sociology at the University of Jena. Please note, the workshop will predominantly be in English.

    A formal registration is required for participation in the workshop. Please write to Ilka Scheibe at If you have registered and are unable attend, please let us know.

    Source and further information: Kolleg Postwachstum, (07 January 2019)