06.04. - 08.04. 2017


FSU Jena

Johannisstraße 13, 07743, Jena, Deutschland
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Dennis Dierks



From April 6th to April 8th 2017 the Chair of Eastern European History at the University of Jena organises a workshop on Russia’s February Revolution of 1917. The aim is to explore the February Revolution exclusively through the analysis of one type of source, the popular press (daily and weekly newspapers, partly journals as well), in order to grasp expectations for the future at this critical juncture, the end of Tsarism. Newspaper writers at the time expressed plans and hopes for radical change that would usher in a new era of autonomy, liberty, social and economic justice. By comparing a variety of newspapers that represented different political orientations, national and social affiliations, we try to identify the diversity of voices of the Russian Empire at this singular moment. The participants of the workshop will present an analysis of the character and major ideas of a single newspaper to the workshop as a point for discussion and comparison. The idea is to look at just a short time span, in order to grasp, in the form of ´snap shots´, the variety of instant reactions to the Revolution and so to reconstruct “futures past”. The workshop is the basis for the preparation of a source book including newspaper articles on the February Revolution which will be translated from Russian, Yiddish, Latvian, Finnish, Turkish and Armenian. Conference language is English. For attending the workshop please register until April 5th via email: Dennis.Dierks(at)

Source & Programme: H/SOZ/KULT (1 April 2017)