24.11. - 25.11. 2016



Nordhäuser Str. 74, 99089, Erfurt, Deutschland
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Urs Lindner



Both at the national and global scale, recent decades have seen a massive increase in economic inequalities – developments that attract criticism within an ever broadening audience. However, what exactly is wrong with these inequalities? Are they primarily issues of unjust distributions of income and wealth? Or do they – as social egalitarians recently have argued – translate into unequal standings, which exclude more and more people from fully participating in social life? If so, what are the political implications of this?  The workshop addresses these questions by bringing together scholars from different disciplines and integrating theoretical and empirical insights. Its focus is on a discussion about the potential for social critique that the language of justice and equality entails. To what extent are claims for justice and equality directed not only to end-states but also to institutional structures and mechanisms? How do they relate moral, social, and political equality with distributive justice? Which phenomena do they cover? And finally: to what extent are they able to motivate emancipatory social change?

Quelle: Universität Erfurt, Link (1. August 2017)