05.12. 2019 0:00 Uhr - 0:00 Uhr


Hallischer Saal

Burse zur Tulpe | Universitätsring 5 | Halle (Saale)



The workshop aims to provide a forum for debating the theoretical concepts and methodological tools used in sociology to analyse the complex dynamics of global and local inequality. The workshop is rooted in three distinct observations and aims to bring about a fruitful dialogue. First, in a framework that conceptualises global inequality as composed by inequalities within countries and inequalities between countries, global inequality is decreasing. Yet, while income inequality between countries is decreasing, inequality in many national societies is on the rise. Second, a mounting wealth of data enables the ever more precise analysis of the complex dynamics of global and local inequalities. Third, these complex dynamics of global inequality call into question the somewhat simplistic conceptions of social justice underlying many of our analyses. In our view, these observations raise two main questions: Which conceptual and methodological tools can we use to analyse the complex dynamics of global and local inequalities? What are the implications of our analyses with respect to the possibilities of (transnational) intervention?