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30.11. 2018

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Nadine Wagenbrett (MPI)



The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology is one of the leading centres for research in social anthropology. Common to all research projects at the Max Planck Institute is the comparative analysis of social change; it is primarily in this domain that its researchers contribute to anthropological theory, though many programmes also have applied significance and political topicality.

The new Max-Planck research group “Backwater Histories: Time and the Other in the German-Speaking Alpine Region” is looking for highly qualified and motivated candidates for


1 PhD position
starting 1 April 2019


“Backwater Histories” is a project led by Dr. Annika Lems that investigates the role of local, everyday notions of history in the increasing spread of exclusionary and anti-cosmopolitan sentiments in Europe. The project will zoom in on the everyday lives of people in rural villages in the German-speaking Alps – communities that are at once located at the crossroads of the European project and characterised by long histories of support for exclusionary political ideas. Taking the production of vernacular, amateur, “backwater” histories seriously, the aim is to come to a deeper understanding of processes of European fragmentation and disenchantment.


Source and further information: MPI, Link (19 September 2018)