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15.01. 2017


Global Histories – Student Journal



Global Histories is a student-run open access journal based in the MA global history programme at Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. It is looking for submissions from fellow students across the world for the spring issue on the topic of global history. In recent years, global history has become one of the most ambitious and promising strands of historical research. This approach targets relations, flows, and actors that transcend borders long assumed to be stable and impenetrable. It calls attention to the importance of transnational, transregional, and translocal connections and their influences on the past. The successful international Global History Student Conference 2016 acts as the point of departure for this issue, showcasing how global history is conceptualized and realized in different cultural contexts around the world. To that end, the journal encourages the submission of any historical or transdisciplinary research related to – or critical of – global history. The following themes are suggested, based upon the conference panels, as a starting point for consideration:

  • Decentralizing the Cold War
  • Global History before 1750
  • Methodology and Marginalization
  • Global Urban History
  • Gender, Body, and Power
  • Transnational Ideologies and Networks
  • Memory Studies
  • Religion
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Visual Representations and Art History

Article submissions should be 5000–7000 words long and written in English with terms in the original language and translation included wherever appropriate. All submissions must follow the Chicago Manual of Style and must not have been previously submitted for publication elsewhere. Please consult the submission guidelines here. Authors should register on the website to submit their work via the online system.

Source: Global Histories (2 January 2017)