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01.03. 2019

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The EEGA invites for applications for a research period with the ScienceCampus EEGA in Leipzig, Halle or Jena. The stay may serve the preparation of an application for more extended funding by a national or international science foundation active in the field or a joint publication. Applications must be related institutionally to one of the EEGA partner institutions (ideally through previous personal cooperations or existing agreements) and topically to the research focus of one or more research areas.

EEGA’s five research areas are:
Research Area 1: Mobilities and Migration Regimes in Eastern Europe
Research Area 2: The Self-Positioning of Eastern Europe in a New World Order In-The-Making
Research Area 3: Business Strategies and Frameworks of Political Economies
Research Area 4: Cultural and Intellectual Perspectives and Identifications
Research Area 5: Eastern Europe in Times of Europeanisation

Applications must include:
1. EEGA Application Form (Download)
2. CV (incl. Publication List)
Please submit your application as one PDF (max. 18 pages, 10 MB) to and consider the notes for the specific funding measures the EEGA provides.

Source and further information: EEGA, (3 January 2019)